Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trying to make a more fulfilling life

Side Note: This is my first blog, and I've had other blogs sorta on Myspace and Livejournal, but I've never truly blogged! And no, I don't have any readers, but you can't have readers until you start writing, right? Let's hope that I get a few...


I've been reading blogs here lately and one has stuck out at me and hit a sore spot with me.  Not that it's bad, no, it's actually a good blog.  His mission for this year is somewhat awe inspiring and it just got me to thinking... 

Yeah, me thinking?  Not always a good thing.  For example, earlier this morning I was digging through a box that still had Christmas gifts in it that we hadn't put away yet.  In the bottom was three small bags of fireworks, firecrackers, whatever you wish to call them.  Anyway, they are called M-1000.  Heh...  I giggled and my husband looked at me and said "Oh no!  I can already see the wheels turning!"  Oh yes, indeed.  I have plans, I have visions.  Visions of me and my best friend Sherina causing a whole hell of a lot of trouble.  *waggles eyebrows*  You can make a person grow up, but there will always be a child on the inside struggling to have some fun!

Moving back to the blog I was talking of...  This gentleman basically plans to do 1000 things in one year.  I'll link you his blog down at the bottom somewhere.  I was looking through what he plans to accomplish and it made me sad.  Why?  Because I would love to do half of the things he plans on doing and yet being married, having children and being broke all the time stops me from doing this.  For most of us, life is not what we envisioned it.  Me, myself, had plans of college and traveling the world.  Instead I tried a bit of college and married and had children.  I don't regret my life, per se, but I do mourn the dreams I once had.  I would love to make a list of things to accomplish during this year, fun things, things that have me traveling the globe, but I know that that will never happen unless I win the lottery.  So, after a few days of sitting around and thinking about it, I've decided that I am going to make a list that fits my lifestyle, so to speak.  I would LOVE to be outrageous, daring, doing whatever the hell I want, but I can't.  So, I will try to make a list of things to accomplish that will fit inside my budget and hopefully that will be fulfilling enough.  The deities know that I need a more fulfilling life. I'm not going to try to do 1000 things, but I am going to try to do new things.

Where does one start?  Well, I've decided trying Sushi is going on my list.  Yes, I live in the Texas Panhandle and getting fresh anything is like trying to milk a bull, but we do have a place or two in a town over from mine and I'm going to go try it.  Of course, I'll be taking my best friend so that she can steer me in the right direction.  She didn't grow up here, grew up in Florida, and so she is my go-to person when it deals with things of this nature.

I am also going to try to go to the Ink Life Tour when it hits here.  Yes, I'm inked x's two but I'm not one of those hardcore people with tat's all over her body.  It's not a normal place that one would see me at, but I am intrigued to go to it and I am hoping that, again, I can get my best friend to go with as my husband would not like it, I'm sure, and I will not go alone.  Maybe I can hit two birds with one stone and do the Sushi and Tour on the same day.  We will see.

I don't know exactly what else I plan on doing this year, so my list is short so far.  I'm guessing there will be a lot of photography in my future, me going off to places I don't normally do and taking pictures.  There has to be other things that I can do, maybe things that I can even include my family in, and when those ideas come to me I'll write about them. 

So, wish me luck and if you have ideas for someone on a small to no budget leave them in the comments below!

1 Year...1000 Things a blog by Jesse Brisendine <<-- The blog I was speaking of!

In Jesse Brisendines latest blog he asks "What can you do?" Well... I don't know yet on a very limited budget, but I'm going to try to do what I can and maybe give others who are in the same boat as I a new look on life... Let's be daring!

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